selected works

symphony orchestra
title nomencl year publ. CD dur.
symphony no.1 22 winds and organ 1972 aap 17:00
symphony no.2 so 1981 aap 56:00
symphony no.3 so 1988 aap Bergen Philharm. Orch. (1990) 31:00
too this, too that (variations) so 1981 aap Ny Musikk (1981) 20:00
XPO-XPA so 1990 aap 04:30
rotor so 1989 aap 08:00
kakafonia so 1973 aap 07:00
(e)X(nihilo) so+brass band 2000 NMI CO COMPOSED with HELGE IBERG STAVANGER Symphony Orch.

title nomencl year publ. CD dur.
violin concerto no.1 2-0-2-2/4-3-3-1/timp
1982 aap NRK 21:00
piano concerto no.1 so 1984 aap Trondheim Symph. Orch (1984) 38:00
piano concerto no.2 see below symphonic winds Norske Blåsere 26:00
cello concerto no.1 so 1991/96 aap 18:00
organ concerto no.1 so 1991(96) aap Kåre Nordstoga 26:00
Concerto for clarinet and orchestra so 1999) NMI Roger Vigulf 24:00

title nomencl year publ. CD comm. by dur.
Grieg a Jour so/chamber (2 vers.) 1992/3 aap Festspillene i Bergen/
Den Norske Opera

title nomencl year publ. CD dur.
Toget og D¿den so/ea/(soundtrack) 1996 aap NRK P2
libretto: Tor Edvin Dahl

symphonic band
title nomencl year publ. CD dur.
pits left in - 1983 aap Larvik Blåseensemble(Ny Musikk) 15:00
Aperitif sb 1986 aap Norges Sang- og Musikkråd 08:00
snakes so 1989 aap Asker Janitsjar 07:00
During the War or Slightly After sb 1999 NMI Sarpsborg Janitsjar 17:00

symphonic winds
title nomencl year publ. CD dur.
pneuma - 1991 aap AAPCD 90101 Norske Blåsere 20:00
pianoconcerto no.2
"objects of desire"
- 1991 aap AAPCD 90102 Norske Blåsere/G.Oskamp 26:00

chamber orchestra
title nomencl year publ. CD dur.
XPO 2-1-1-1-1/1-1-1/pno4ms 1989 aap Norsk Komponistforening 02:50