current & recent projects....

(works completed but not yet premiered [nyp] and projects in the works [nyc])

new work for TRIO GIOJA
for soprano, trumpet and organ (supported by DNKF)

String Quartett no. 4
(nyc) - (supported by KVF)

Character Variations on "Sare Achan"
for String quartett. Commissioned by RIKSKONSERTENE, NORWAY

Variations on an Indian childrens song in the style of Bach, Mozart, Grieg and Bartok
PREMIERE: ??., INDIA, Febr. 2005
Several additional performances on Indian tour, Febr. 2005.

Quintett no 1 for clarinet and string quartett
(nyp) - ded. to Roger Vigulf and Vilnius Stringquartett. Commissioned by same (supported by DNKF)

"...till death do us part"
for bass (voice) and chamber ensemble (nyp) - commissioned by Trond Gudevold (supported by KVF)

for amateur symphony orchestra - commissioned by Sarpsborg Kulturskole for its 25th Anniversary concert.
Performed by Østfold Symfoniorkester, dir. Jon Fylling.

PREMIERE: Sarpsborg, June 2004
Additional performances: Østfold tour June 2004

"Walze-Scherzo & Scherzo-Waltz"
for violin and piano - commissioned by Ole-Herman Huth
PREMIERE: Sarpsborg Jan. 16th, 2003
Additional performances: Moss, Jan 26th, 2003, Fredrikstad, Feb. 4th, 2003

"Re-Cycled Vintage"
Mezzo soprano, guitar, horn, contrabass, percussion.
commissioned by ART ON STAGE, Denmark
poem by Tomas Dalgaard

PREMIERE: Silkeborg, DK - May 12th, 2003 (info:
additional performance: Århus, DK - May 13th, 2003 (info:

for Woodwind Quintet (nyp) - commissioned by Kr.Sund Blåsekvintett (supported by NKR)

for cello and piano (nyp) - commissioned by Liv Frengstad (supported by NKR)

for 4 guitars - commissioned by the guitar professors at the State Academy of Music in Oslo (supported by..) (nyc)

for symphony orchestra and jazz group (nyc)